The Good News Guys - Music And Memories Every Weekday Morning From 7-8!

High Tide Morning Show - with Schmidty
Classic Rock, Local News, Weather

Solid Fuel Sounds - with Phil Marrinan
The Notes You Need to Hear Creative, Eclectic Music

Bone Daddy's Blues Review - with Bone Daddy
Classic And Contemporary Blues

Coastal Interviews - with Fred Adler

Local Community Affairs

La Caja Musical - with Alfredo Orozco
Traditional And Modern Tunes From South Of The Border

Eight To The Bar - with Les Tarr
Radioactive blues for the tragically hip and twisted,
plus music and news from the local blues scene

Moon Toon Drive-In Songs And Dialogue
From The Hey-Days Of Drive-In Movies, Trailers,
And Ads For The Snack Bar

Hollerin' Pines Songs for the Struggle with The Sparrow
Independent Artists, Storytellers & Poets, Old & New Protest Songs,
Latest Releases from the Underground

FunFunFun with Frogman Joel
Yesteryear's Music, Always with a Theme. Contests Too!

Celtic Coasting with Erin & John
Magical Music on the Mendonoma Coast!

Ralph Nader Radio Hour with Ralph Nader, Steve Skrovan and
David Feldman
Interviews with influential movers & shakers and
thought-provoking discussions of recent news.

The Lost 45s with Barry Scott -  Songs and artists you thought you'd never hear again!

Sunday Good News Show - Inspirational Music With A Message

Sunday Morning Classical - with Fred Adler
Classical And Chamber Music From Bach To Vivaldi

Sunday Musical Journey - with Fred Adler - A Little Bit Of Everything
Featuring Jazz Standards, American Folk, and International Music